6 tips to avoid drunk driving charges in Fresno County

The weekend is just round the corner. Are you planning for a cool night-out with buddies amidst high spirits, great food, mirth and merriment? That’s amazing. But do you have plans to drive back home? Now, we all know it’s a criminal offense to drink while drunk and if caught, you may have to face considerable jail time. DUI laws are extremely strict in Fresno. Thus, you should be very careful about certain tips that will help you to avoid drunken driving charges in the county.

  1. No drinks on empty stomach

Your BAC level has to be under 0.08% to avoid DUI charges. Thus, try to drink wise and don’t let the BAC level rise higher in your body. According to experts, drinking on empty stomach is a strict “No” as it hikes up the BAC level faster. Always binge on something while drinking to reduce absorption of alcohol by the body.

  1. Mind the seatbelt

Always buckle in the seatbelt while driving. It will keep you uptight on the driver’s seat and prevent possible harm.

  1. Maintain strong focus while driving

This is certainly one of the most crucial tips to remember while driving under influence.

You should always maintain a strong focus on driving to avoid wrong turns and possible crashes. The points below will be handy for you here:

  • Do not talk while driving
  • If you have friends in your car, ask them to stay silent
  • Do not play loud music. However, if you want something to relax your brain, a soft instrumental will do
  • Do not take calls or make calls while driving


  1. Mind traffic laws

Follow the traffic laws diligently. Any slightest of violation will bring the cops to your car and get you charged under DUI laws. So, follow all the traffic signals. Maintain proper speed limit. Use signal lights while changing lanes. Do not give the cops any chance to pull your car over for sobriety test.

  1. Keep all vital documents in easily accessible places

If you get pulled over by cops, you will be asked for your driver’s license as well as registration & insurance information. Any kind of fumble on your part while searching for those documents will leave the cops suspicious and they will immediately ask for sobriety test. So, make sure to keep all those documents in an easily accessible place in your car so that you can take them out fast.

  1. Contact DUI attorney if asked for sobriety test

In case you are asked to comply for field sobriety test, do not go for it. Refuse politely and also contact a reliable Fresno Drunk Driving Defense attorney. Do not discuss anything with the police and tell the officer you will prefer to talk to your attorney first.

Finally if possible, try to avoid the DUI checkpoints while driving. You will get the details of DUI crackdowns online and in community paper.

If you ever find yourself under DUI charges, count on our years of expertise for solid drunk driving defense.