Branching Out To Your Own Bail Company

Owning your own bail bond company can be a lucrative business. However, you need to keep in mind that you should have a substantial amount of money set aside in a separate checking or savings account aside from your personal account and maintain the proper licenses to operate the business. There is usually training that you need to take each year so that you can maintain your insurance license and certifications. These classes can also keep you updated on Wayne County bail bonds changes that occur during the year.


Some states require that you hold a degree associated with bail bonds in order to start this kind of business. However, if you can begin working with another company and branch out on your own, then you usually don’t need a specific degree. Most states require that you do work under a professional for about a year before starting your own business. This is so that you learn about the proper ways to complete the paperwork to have someone released from jail and so that you learn about the proper ways to encounter and search for those who have skipped out on their bonds.

When you begin looking at starting your own bail bond business, you need to research the requirements of the state where you live. Although some states will allow you to operate as a bondsman across state lines, there are many that want you to be certified in each state that you work. You need to have a valid driver’s license for the state and not have any felonies on your record. You will need to be bonded by the state and have a good credit score with no judgments or other severe issues that could prevent you from being bonded. You will need to complete the proper insurance applications before you’re able to work alone as a bondsman.