The right lawyer to solve the divorce problem

Divorce tends to be a very financially and emotionally difficult time. Having an experienced divorce attorney can help to make this process easier to deal with. The following are some of the major tasks and roles that a divorce lawyer can help you with.

divorce attorney

Explain Grounds For Divorce

Each state has established its grounds for divorce which give the right to spouses to petition the court for dissolution of their marital relationship. There are some grounds that are fault-based, like incarceration, abuse, cruel treatment, and adultery. All states recognize no fault grounds as well

A divorce attorney hillsborough county can go over with you whether or not there are any benefits to requesting that your marriage be dissolved on a fault grounds basis by the court. It could make a difference in whether or not you will be able to receive spousal support and the amount of support that might be awarded.

Provide Objective Advice

A divorce attorney can discuss various factors with you that may affect your future, including custody and support issues in an objective way.

Account for Marital Assets

To distribute the marital estate properly, a divorce attorney works to ensure that the clients discloses all of these assets. The divorce attorney can help to locate liabilities and assets as well as collect record so that these possessions are properly addressed by the divorce settlement.

Help With Custody Plan

A divorce attorney can the client develop a parenting plan that addresses the needs of the child and … Read More

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Three Things a Criminal Lawyer Wished You Knew

If you are ever placed under arrest, the importance of speaking to an attorney is critical. Not only is it important, but your immediate issue is remaining silent. The biggest mistake that people make when they are placed under arrest is talking. By speaking you will only hurt your chances of a successful defense. The following are a few things an attorney wished you knew.

You don’t know the law

It is amazing how many people think they understand the law. A person will think that something they did was legal, or perhaps on the surface, it seems illegal, but it’s not because of the circumstances. Generally speaking, people have no clue what the laws are. Things regarding traffic laws are often an exception because you have to pass a test on them to get your driver’s license, but with that exception, criminal law is something the average person is not well versed in. The crime shows that you see on television usually don’t reflect the reality of our laws and the court proceedings.

You’re not going to talk your way out of it

One reason people talk after their arrest is they still think there is a chance that the police officer will take off the handcuffs and let them go. This is simply not true. The police go out of their way to gather enough evidence to justify the arrest. Whether or not it sticks in court is another issue. Once the handcuffs go on and you are … Read More

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