The right lawyer to solve the divorce problem

Divorce tends to be a very financially and emotionally difficult time. Having an experienced divorce attorney can help to make this process easier to deal with. The following are some of the major tasks and roles that a divorce lawyer can help you with.

divorce attorney

Explain Grounds For Divorce

Each state has established its grounds for divorce which give the right to spouses to petition the court for dissolution of their marital relationship. There are some grounds that are fault-based, like incarceration, abuse, cruel treatment, and adultery. All states recognize no fault grounds as well

A divorce attorney hillsborough county can go over with you whether or not there are any benefits to requesting that your marriage be dissolved on a fault grounds basis by the court. It could make a difference in whether or not you will be able to receive spousal support and the amount of support that might be awarded.

Provide Objective Advice

A divorce attorney can discuss various factors with you that may affect your future, including custody and support issues in an objective way.

Account for Marital Assets

To distribute the marital estate properly, a divorce attorney works to ensure that the clients discloses all of these assets. The divorce attorney can help to locate liabilities and assets as well as collect record so that these possessions are properly addressed by the divorce settlement.

Help With Custody Plan

A divorce attorney can the client develop a parenting plan that addresses the needs of the child and works for both of the parents.

Prepare Divorce Papers

Formal papers are required to be submitted for approval to the right court to get a divorce. A divorce attorney can help clients prepare the papers or respond to the petition for divorce made by the other spouse.

Negotiate A Settlement

A divorce attorney can help the client negotiate their divorce settlement of the marital estate. Usually this is faster and cheaper if there is no litigation involved than trying to battle things in court.

Represent In Court

A divorce attorney helps the client litigate their case in court if necessary. The process might be necessary in order to resolve disputes involving matters such as spousal support or child custody.